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Tháng Năm 29, 2016
Đẩy mạnh hợp tác giữa Bộ GD&ĐT và Cambridge English
Tháng Năm 29, 2016

Toeic incomplete sentences exercise part 1

Bearing Information
Q1) Try and be a little more cheerful because if you don’t bear ……. soon, you’ll make everyone else miserable.
(a) through (b) along (c) up (d) to
Q2) We were in a small rowing boat and were terrified that the steamer hadn’t seen us as it was bearing ……. on
(a) down (b) across (c) over (d) under
Q3) I fully understand your comments and bearing those in ……., I have made the appropriate decision.
(a) brain (b) mind (c) thought (d) sense
Q4) As we have all worked very hard this year, I’m hoping that our efforts will bear ……..
(a) produce (b) benefits (c) yields (d) fruit
Q5) We all have our ……. to bear so I should be grateful if you would stop complaining all the time.
(a) problems (b) situations (c) crosses (d) results
Q6) There is really nothing much you can do to stop it and I’m afraid you’ll just have to ……. and bear it.
(a) scorn (b) grin (c) laugh (d) smile
Q7) I hope you can be patient for a little longer and bear ……. me while I try and solve the problem.
(a) by (b) on (c) at (d) with
Q8) She has been proved right in everything she did as the report quite clearly bears ……..
(a) out (b) to (c) for (d) onto
Q9) The judge dismissed the new evidence completely because it had no bearing ……. the trial.
(a) to (b) on (c) into (d) by
Q10) Quite honestly the two cases are so completely different that they really don’t bear ……..
(a) confirmation (b) contrast (c) comprehension (d) comparison
ANSWER KEY: 1c – 2a – 3b – 4d – 5c – 6b – 7d – 8a – 9b – 10d


Q1) Her latest film ……. its object in a very short space of time, which was to shock.

(a) acquired (b) got (c) attained (d) controlled

Q2) The critics ……. to praise the work of this director whatever films he makes.

(a) run (b) continue (c) persist (d) insist

Q3) The film was the first to show conditions in which poor people lived and as such was to ……. future directors.

(a) influence (b) hold (c) infect (d) show

Q4) The only reason for them going to the cinema on that day was to find some form of ……..

(a) internment (b) involvement (c) engrossment (d) entertainment

Q5) The director’s intention in making the film was to try and ……. simplicity as seen by a child.

(a) report (b) reprehend (c) represent (d) comprehend

Q6) The fans outside the cinema on the first showing of the film were unwilling to ……. until all the stars had gone


(a) dispose (b) displace (c) discover (d) disperse

Q7) The delay in ……. the film to the general public was because certain scenes were considered tasteless.

(a) replacing (b) repeating (c) releasing (d) reporting

Q8) The theme of the second film is quite simply a ……. of the first.

(a) construction (b) continuation (c) continuum (d) continuing

Q9) In the making of the film the direction is quite ……. from the financing of the project.

(a) separate (b) separation (c) separately (d) separates

Q10) Very often someone will give a ……. of a film and when you see it for yourself, it’s quite different.

(a) describing (b) describes (c) described (d) description

ANSWER KEY: 1c – 2b – 3a – 4d – 5c – 6d – 7c -8b – 9a – 10d

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