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Tháng Năm 29, 2016
Từ vựng theo chủ để – toeic listening
Tháng Năm 29, 2016

Toeic incomplete sentences exercise part 2

Q1 She’s got the kind of job that seems to keep her occupied all the time — 24-……..
(a) 4 (b) 5 (c) 6 (d) 7
Q2 ……., I couldn’t agree with you more.
(a) Totally (b) Clearly (c) Finally (d) Absolutely
Q3 I really think we should talk about the subject we wanted to in the first place and ……. the issue.
(a) advise (b) speak (c) address (d) talk
Q4 It’s difficult to say exactly how many people are involved but I would say ……. 50.
(a) around (b) across (c) through (d) into
Q5 It was one of those sights that you never forget it was ……..
(a) fine (b) awesome (c) interesting (d) clear
Q6 We don’t know precisely how much it will cost but I could give a ……. figure of 6 million dollars.
(a) ball field (b) ball place (c) ball park (d) ball game
Q7 I agree with what you say, ……. but …
(a) wholly (b) basically (c) quickly (d) simply
Q8 You fill in those forms on a weekly ……..
(a) stand (b) base (c) size (d) basis
Q9 I hope you will be patient and ……. with me a minute.
(a) stay (b) hold (c) bear (d) maintain
Q10 It’s difficult to see how to get out of this situation because we’re between a rock and a ……. place.
(a) difficult (b) hard (c) soft (d) firm
ANSWER KEY: 1d – 2d- 3c – 4a – 5b – 6c – 7b – 8d – 9c – 10b
Mistaken Identity
Q1 Interviewer: Perhaps you could start by telling us why you’ve ……..
(a) obtained for this job
(c) intended for this job
(b) applied for this job
(d) asked for this job
Q2 Candidate: I think the main reason is because I like working in ……..
(a) the free air (b) the clear air (c) the pure air (d) the open air
Q3 Interviewer: You mean you like the idea of an office with ……..
(a) air control (b) air managment (c) air conditioning (d) air condition
Q4 Candidate: I’m sorry I don’t understand what you’re ……..
(a) in about (b) on about (c) for about (d) off about
Q5 Interviewer: I should have thought this was ……..
(a) clear obvious (b) mostly obvious (c) pretty obvious (d) mainly obvious
Q6 Candidate: Not to me, ……..
(a) it isn’t (b) it can’t be (c) it won’t be (d) it will be
Q7 Interviewer: I think there must be a mistake, I ……..
(a) put it you’re Mr Johnson
(c) place it you’re Mr Johnson
(b) take it you’re Mr Johnson
(d) try it you’re Mr Johnson
Q8 Candidate: I’m Mr Jensen. I’m afraid it’s a case of ……..
(a) mistaken personality
(c) mistaken person
(b) mistaken character
(d) mistaken identity
Q9 Interviewer: So you’re not after the job of guardian, ……..
(a) I presume  (b) I pretend  (c) I prefer  (d) I preview
Q10 Candidate: No, sorry as I said I like working outside, I want to be a gardener, ……..
(a) if you don’t care (b) if you don’t agree (c) if you don’t mind (d) if you don’t see
ANSWER KEY: 1b-2d-3c-4b-5c-6a-7b-8d-9a-10c

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