CEFR Diagram – Khung tham chiếu trình độ ngôn ngữ chung của Châu Âu

English Profile helps teachers and educationalists understand what the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) means for English.  It describes what aspects of English are typically learned at each CEFR level.  This tells teachers, curriculum developers, course-book authors and test writers what is suitable for learning at each level.

This site contains a wealth of information about English Profile, including two innovative online tools:  English Vocabulary Profile Online and English Grammar Profile Online.  These are searchable databases that give you free access to the research findings on what English vocabulary and grammar is suitable for teaching at each CEFR level.

This work has been carried out as part of a ground-breaking collaborative project – supported by the Council of Europe.  It collected data from learners all over the world to inform the research.  The research was led by two departments of the University of Cambridge, UK:  Cambridge University Press and Cambridge English Langu

age Assessment.  The outcomes of the research are referred to as Reference Level Descriptions (RLDs) for English. Click here for more information on RLDs.

Cambridge University Press and Cambridge English Language Asessment are the main funding partners in English Profile. In addition, English Profile has a number of data contributor partners who have contributed data to our corpus, and there were also a number of organisations involved in the EU-funded English Profile Network project.

The English Profile Programme is the latest stage in a process dating back to the 1970s, when John Trim and Jan van Ek developed the original Threshold series, the first systematic specification of learning objectives for the English language. Threshold specified objectives for a broadly intermediate level: a lower and an upper level were subsequently described, known as Waystage and Vantage.  Collectively known as the Threshold or T-series, they contributed to the development of the six-level scale of the Council of Europe Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).


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